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Videos Short Topical Clips and animated films, click HERE. 
The videos include Understanding Addiction: The Gas and Brakes of Human Motivation
Beyond Rock Bottom: Medication Assisted Treatment
Disease Management:
Chronic Lung Disease PPT
Diabetes PPT
Hypertention Cardiovascular Disease PPT
Mobidity Prevalence PPT
Heart Disease in Women
Tools, facts, & Handbooks
Obesity Weight of the Nation
Recovery/Strength Oriented Practices
Employment Toolkit
Smoking Cessation: 
Smoking Cessation Document 
Smoking and Mental Health: Five Things Every Health Care Provider Should Know
Smoking Cigarettes Won't Help Your Patients' Recovery. Quitting Can. 
Quitting Smoking 
How to help the people you serve quit smoking



Wellness Culture Ideas | WebMD

Wellness Tips for & By Individuals with Depression or Bipolar Disorder

Promoting Wellness for People in Mental Health Recovery

*A Step-by-step Guide to Planning and Conducting a Successful Health Fair, is now available on with supporting materials (e.g., a training webinar.  Many other useful resources are there, too, 

Exercise: When to check with your doctor 

Portion and Serving Sizes

Portion Distortion Quiz 

Informational | Educational Material

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