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AHRQ Health Literacy YouTube Videos:
Asking Questions-Medical Appointments 
Diabetes Conversation Map Training
For information on the Diabetes Conversation Map Training please visit,
Financial Education for Persons in Recovery
Health Literacy
Learning About Healthy Living: TOBACCO & YOU
Motivational Interviewing (MINT)
National Campaigns:
Nutrition and Physical Activity Curriculum:
Food Education for People with Serious Psychiatric Disabilities: An Evidence-Based Recovery Curriculum
10 Tips Nutrition Education Series
Patient Safety
Relias Learning Recommended Courses for Disease Management 
Smoking Cessation Resources-Brochures/Pamphlets:
note-some items are state centered,4612,7-132--66857--,00.html#tobacco
Teach Back Method-YouTube Video Demonstration
Training Videos:
Wellness Initiative Posters/Brochures:
Whole Health Action Management (WHAM) Manual 

Training Resources

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